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EEI is a research and development oriented consulting and engineering firm.

Our team members collaborate with various universities and R&D institutions in many countries and publish papers in journals and technical magazines. The selected list of publications by EEI team is provided in this section.

S Ghosh, Stegmann R, Wong J, Jing-Yuan W, Agamuthu P, Muffat J C, Dey, P.K, Kurup R (Eds), 2012 Sustainable Waste Management Municipal, Industrial and Agricultural

Oxford Publishing House, Kolkatta, ISBN: 81-86862 463 - Vol 1 & 8186862 74 1- Vol II

Dr Raj Kurup, Dr Anne Barnes, Dr Nick Costa, 2011 Review of the effects of water quality on ruminant health and productivity

ISBN: 9781741917079, Meat & Livestock Australia

Book / Technical Report

Nathan Cocks and Raj Kurup, 2010 Sustainability assessment tool for water treatment technologies in rural communities

Water, November, 2010, pp 94-100, Australian Water Association

Peer Reviewed Journal Paper

Dr Raj Kurup and Dr Biji Kurup , 2009 Engineering Sustainability Concepts in Industrial Pollution Abatement Projects

The Environmental Engineer, Vol 9 (4) and 10(1), 10 – 13, Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering (SSEE), Engineers Australia, Canberra

Reviewed Conference Paper

Dr Raj Kurup, 2008 Constructed Wetlands for High Strength Wastewater Treatment and Nutrient Removal

ISBN: 9783639017748, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller


Rajendra G Kurup, 2008 Synthesis and application of a product for phosphorus removal from wastewater and polluted water bodies

IP Australia, AU-A-2008100116, awarded (3/04/2008).

Australian Patent

Dr Raj Kurup (Editor), 2007 Engineering Sustainability, Proceedings of the SSEE International Conference on Engineering Sustainability

Society of Sustainability and Environmental Engineering (SSEE), Engineers Australia, Perth, Western Australia

Conference Proceedings

Dr Raj Kurup, 2005 Expo 2005 Aichi Japan – A showcase of Sustainability

The Environmental Engineer, Vol 6(3), 12-14. SSEE, Engineers Australia, Canberra

Technical Paper

Kurup R., S. Dutta and V. Ramana. , 1994 Construction of Biogas Plants, A Technical Manual

TERI Press, New Delhi



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